Lake Danao National Park Philippines

Lake Danao National Park is a rare beauty on the island of Leyte in the Philippines
Lake Danao National Park is a rare beauty on the island of Leyte in the Philippines

Welcome To Lake Danao National Park

Lake Danao National Park is in the heart of the island of Leyte, in The Philippines. It’s amazing natural features make it a great travel destination. In recent years it has become a major hiking haven for outdoor enthusiasts.    It is the only natural lake in the world that is shaped like a guitar.  Lake Danao National Park also includes the Amandiwin Mountain Range. The lake is only 11 miles  Northeast of Ormoc City, a major tourist attraction. The vastness of Lake Danao National Park can be seen in her productivity. This beautiful lake furnishes potable water to at least seven towns, including Tacloban City. It is a major source of irrigation for several municipal  rice-patties on the island.

Contrasting Climates

Leyte Philippines lies in the heart of the tropics. The weather generally  is muggy  and humid. The hot oppressive climate is a trademark of the archipelago nation. It’s proximity to the equator is what makes this such a tourist magnet. Over half of the plants, birds, and animals in the world come from these rich jungles. When the climate is the hottest, take a break and escape to Lake Danao National Park. Lake Danao lies about 2,130 ft above sea level. This gives vast relief from the hotter regions of the country.  The  weather at Lake Danao National Park can change quite fast. It is always good to bring a sweater or a vest, as it can get quite cold.

Ormoc City; Where The Old Marries The New

Ormoc City is a place of incredible contrasts. There are modern high rises sandwiched between very humble dwellings. There is incredible cutting-edge technology blended with traditional wisdom and folklore. Among all this, the Western traveler will find all the quality accommodations and services that they require. There are many quality hotels and  restaurants.  Ormoc City is close to the secluded mountains, Lake Danao National Park, and a wealth of Philippine history. In Ormoc City, you will find noise and tranquility—all tightly packed together in harmony.

The Miracle of Lake Danao And The Leyte

Travel throughout the Leyte, explore the outer islands, and cool down at Lake Danao National Park. Hike over the hills and explore the beaches. It is easy to walk for hours in this virgin rain forest. Discover the Amandiwin Mountain Range. Relish the fresh seafood and all the local delicacies. Snorkel the complex Coral Gardens. Dive the walls found off the shores of Leyte. This is the miracle of the Ormoc City Leyte. Here you will find incredible wild life, adventure, and friendly people.

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