Lantau Island Journey: Hong Kong

 Lantau Island Journey
Ngong Ping Cable Car

Lantau Island Journey to Adventure

Lantau Island is a spectacular journey!  The adventure you crave is  everywhere you turn. Lantau Island is home to Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha. Both of these have been tourist attractions for many years.  Over the years, they could be reached only by bus on a steep ,treacherous  mountain road.

Everything changed in 2002 with a dynamic cable car called Ngong Ping 360. With Ngong Ping 360 the tourist sites of Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha could now be reached safely in 30 minutes. A  whole new adventure opened.  The cable car serves to connect Tung Chung with the north coast of Lantau Island. The north side of Lantau Island opened up, with a whole new world to explore. The Hills above the Ngong Ping Village are now connected by rail car. There are numerous tours up into the mountains available.  This fantastic cable car ride is the perfect start to the adventure of a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Ngong Ping 360 is fun! It is safe! It is amazing!

Ngong Ping 360 has an amazing crystal cabin that gives you complete views in every direction. Nothing is hidden from your eyes! The deep blue water of the sea and the green lush valley below are astonishing.  There is nothing that you can not see. Upon arrival at the Ngong Ping Village you will be welcomed in the traditional way. Spend a few hours and wander the village. Visit the quaint little shops, and have a traditional lunch. Be sure and visit the exhibit of Walking with the Buddah.  The Big Buddah and the Wisdom Path are less than 5 minutes a way. There is enough in this area to keep the adventurous soul busy for several days. This is the perfect way to immerse yourself in all the past of Hong Kong. It will be a fun and unforgettable adventure.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your passport and pack your bag! Hong Kong is waiting with the adventure you have always dreamed of. For further information on the Lantau Island Experience, see the websites below.

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