Lantern Festival: Kaohsiung Taiwan

Water Dance was magical at Kaohsiung Lantern Festival in Taiwan
Water Dance was magical at Kaohsiung Lantern Festival in Taiwan

 Lantern Festival: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Lantern Festival is held on the first full-moon night of the Lunar Year.  What excitement is in the air! Lantern Festival is perhaps the most important of all the festivals in Taiwan. It is certainly the most romantic and everyone attends. You will see every style and make of lantern that the mind can conceive. This is a time of lantern making and there are many exhibitions and contests to see which lantern is the best. Games filled with riddles and displays of festive lanterns are everywhere.

The most famous and traditional festival food is tangyuan. These are small rice dumplings with many different sweet or delicious fillings. Judging from the long lines to get tangyuan, everyone is in agreement that they are delicious. Tangyuan come in almost any flavor you can thing of. The traditional flavors are red bean paste, minced pork, peanut, and sesame. Every year there are new flavors that come to life. Taro, and green tea seem to be quite sought after.

The displays of lights on the Love River is fabulous and every color you can think of are utilized in these fantastic light shows. There is dancing on the Love River and festivities up and down the bank. Lantern Festival is alive with fireworks and good will. It is spectacular and magical!

Lantern Festival is often referred to as Little New Year. In days of old, these festivals and other celebrations for the Lunar New Year would last for up to 45 days. Now they usually last for a week. It is still a time of great celebration. Lantern Festival is an exciting and exotic celebration…. wishing you a New Year filled with health and prosperity.

Experience authentic and traditional Taiwanese customs. Enjoy the local hospitality. Enjoy the festival foods, the local cuisine is awesome. Make your very own lantern and enter one of the many contests. Make this the year that you discover Taiwan. Adventure and fun awaits you at the Lantern Festival. Happy New Year!




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