Legoland: Adventures in California and Florida


Legoland: Adventures in California and Florida

Kids enjoy the endless opportunities to build to their heart’s content. Imaginations soar!  Excellent attractions for all,  with a focus on ages 3 -12.  There are lots of unique and interesting activities for all ages. Legoland is intriguing!  Legoland is fun!

The first Legoland that we ever went to was in California. Legoland is in the town of Carlsbad, California. It is  30 minutes north of San Diego and one hour south of Anaheim. Younger children can easily spend two days there. There is so much to explore at Legoland.  Our entire day was filled with a large variety of attractions  and the food was excellent.There are plenty of rides and lots of hands-on activities. There is never a dull moment at Legoland!

The Legoland in Orlando, Florida is the largest of all the theme parks worldwide. It is only 45 minutes from Orlando and Tampa. It sits on the shore of Lake Eloise in Winter Haven. There is more of everything! There is less waiting for rides! There are more exhibits!  There is double the fun in Florida! There are also more activities for older children in the Florida Theme Park. There are presently over 50 rides in the Orlando park. An expansion of the park is scheduled to open in the spring of 2015.

There are many shows and lots of attractions. The botanical garden is breathtaking! It is amazing!  This is an experience for the adults! Everyone gets excited at the botanical garden.  There is nothing quite like it! The Legoland Water Park is geared to children 2-12, but there is fun for all. Miniland USA, The Imagination Zone, and Lego City were some of the favorite activities in the park. They are fun and delightful! Younger children are content, exploring the park for hours. It is fun! It is amazing! It is Legoland USA. Older children love the rides. There is an excellent roller coaster. Hang on to your stomach, though! It is wild!

Both the California and Orlando parks are usually hot and water is a must. It is wise to bring plenty of water with you, as it is hard to find and expensive to buy in the park. There are several restaurants and the food is excellent. The Sheridan Motel in California is extremely clean and the service is excellent. The Legoland Hotel in Winter Haven is delightful and younger children, especially, are delighted with the lego theme throughout. The service is excellent and the food is extremely good.

When visiting either California or Florida, plan to gather the family and head to Legoland. It will be an adventure for the whole family. The official website is listed for hotel reservations and tickets. For other vacation suggestions, see our website below. Make this the year for building memories, at Legoland USA.…

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