LEGOLAND Water Park Fun In California

LEGOLAND Water Park Fun in Carlsbad, California USA
LEGOLAND Water Park Fun in Carlsbad, California USA

LEGOLAND Water Park Fun

Legoland Water Park is fun and excitement in Carlsbad, California USA. It is just the right balance of adventure and interaction. The ideal age for Legoland Water Park is probably 4-9. It is one of the most exciting places for young children and any age that values legos. There are over 50 different water events and more than enough fun to go around. Fascinating times lay ahead when you embark on a Legoland Water Park adventure. Legoland Water Park in Carlsbad, California is the first Legoland Water Park in the world. The centerpiece to the water park is a 45-foot-tall tower designed out of legos.  It will immerse you and your children in the creative world of LEGO. Welcome to Legoland Water Park!

The whole world of legos is one of creativity and excitement. Now this creative world meets the world of Water Parks. There are more than  20 giant lego models and friends waiting to splash and spray you with water when you least expect it. What fun is awaiting at Legoland Water Park!

Going to the beach takes on a whole different meaning as you spend quality time with the children on the sandy beaches surrounding two wadding ponds. Build sand castles, and enjoy the fine white sand between your toes. It is always a fantastic day at the Legoland Water Park Beach.

Of course no day is complete without goodies and there are lots of snack carts and shops waiting to serve you. There is everything from hotdogs to hamburgers and don’t forget the brownies. What fun it is to snack your way through the park.

Be sure to check out the Cabana Service! It is nice and they keep you out of the sun. The Cabana service is great.

If you have teenagers, this water park is definitely way too tame for them, unless there are younger kids that they will enjoy watching as well.  One of the favorite attractions for 8-9 year olds were the slides. There were three slides, the Twin Chasers and the Orange rush.  The wave pool was also a big hit. Don’t forget to try the Pirate Reef! That  was the exciting and fun.

No matter where you go in the park, there is adventure and fun waiting for the under nine crowd and many of the older kids also. If they like legos, they will like Legoland Water Park. It is fun for all.

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