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Legoland USA

The opportunities are endless. You can build to your hearts content. Let your imagination soar, as you are in Legoland USA. The home of unique opportunities for younger children to soar like an eagle. They can let their imaginations run wild in this intriguing land of opportunity.  It is time to join the fun at Legoland!

Legoland California is in the town of Carlsbad, a short 30 minute drive from San Diego on a good day. This multigenerational playground has much to see and explore. Those who like to build, young and old, can create worlds of fun as families build a new world together. You can expect a day of attractions, good food, and wild exploration in Legoland California.

The largest of all the Legolands world wide is Orlando, Florida. It is a 45 minute drive from the city of Orlando. If you are coming from Tampa, it is also about 45 minutes. Legoland sits on the banks of Lake Eloise and a world of fun is waiting. In Legoland Orlando, there is more of everything. Less waiting in lines, more rides for the older and younger children, and more exhibits for all ages. The park was recently expanded in 2015, and there is a gigantic world out there just waiting to be explored. A world of adventure is waiting for you, at Legoland Florida.

What can you expect at this new mega Legoland? There are shows and attractions all through the day. Then there is the botanical garden, a breathtaking experience, that the adults are sure to savor. This is a one of a kind garden, found only in Legoland Orlando USA.

The Legoland Water Park, while geared to children from 2-12, is mega fun for all. Play with the little ones at Miniland USA, then move on over to the Imagination Zone, and finally there is Lego City. Fun and delightful hours are waiting, as you explore the park as a family. And for those with a strong stomach, there is even a roller coaster. Hang on, though, this is the home of wild fun.

While visiting in California and Florida, don’t forget to include a day of family exploration and fun. There is wild adventure awaiting your family, at Legoland USA!

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