Lin Fa Kung Temple— Tai Hang Village, Hong Kong

Lin Fa Kung Temple
Lin Fa Kung Temple

Lin Fa Kung Temple in Tai Hang Village

Lin Fa Kung Temple, a gem from the Qing dynasty, mingles among the Village of Tai Hang in Hong Kong. What architectural beauty! This fantastic temple was built in 1863 and has been preserved till this day. It is beautiful! Lin Fa Kung Temple has been declared a national monument of Hong Kong. It is still an active temple and is used for the worship of Kwun Yum or the goddess of mercy.

Kwun Yum has been known for years by her followers,  as a deity of sympathy, compassion, and mercy. Kwun Yum is believed to hear the pleas of the suffering and poor. The name, Lin Fa Kung Temple means Palace of Lotus Flowers.  Temples dedicated to Kwun Yum are also often known as Shui Yuet Kung or Palace of Water and Moon. It stands for all that might be quiet and peaceful in this world. It is detached from the materialistic world that we live in. In addition to Kwun Yum, the temple is home to Tai Sui. Tai Sui means Sixty gods of time. His followers believe He is the the god of time.  Wai Tor or the Buddhist Temple Guardian is also present. It is believed that Wai Tor guards the Lin Fa Kung Temple. Last, but not least, is Choi Sun. Choi sun is the god of wealth. The followers of Kwun Yum believe choi sun holds the keys to prosperity. The ceiling of the front hexagonal shaped hall depicts the golden dragon. This most likely is why Lin Fa Kung Temple is closely connected to the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance.  During festivals you will see this dance in the streets of the village.

When visiting the many temple monuments it is good to remember that, while we are there looking at the architecture, others are there to worship. This is an active place of worship. Whatever your reason for visiting Lin Fa Kung Temple, today is the day to make your reservations. Grab your passport and pack your bag. For other Hong Kong tourist ideas, see our website at:

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