Living Green Plant Eco Walls and Vertical Gardens ~ Going Beautifully Green!

Add touch of nature and beauty with a green plant vertical garden wall

Living green walls are panels of plants, grown vertically using hydroponics on walls or buildings.

In the cities we see less and less of green spaces.

Living green plant eco walls give us beauty in the cement jungle that gives us better health, air quality and the splendor of nature.

How to make Living Green Plant Eco Walls

Green walls are organized into panel and tray systems.

Set up an irrigation system for the water to be able to reach all parts of the wall.

Plants are pre-grown off-site and inserted into the wall, they can be designed to cover entire surfaces as living art.

Green walls are also practical for those who don’t have much garden space.

Can living green walls be used to grow food?

Some systems can be designed specifically for herbs and vegetables in vertical gardens.

Living green walls can be a great solution to growing food in a lack of space.

Practical, beautiful and delicious too!

Reduced Energy Costs

Living green plant eco walls cools the wall and acts as a natural air conditioner, balancing the humidity that keeps us comfortable.
In the winter, a living green plant eco wall on the outside of a building acts as insulation, keep the warmth in and reducing the need for heating.

 Living green eco walls, natural beauty that you design. ~ Going Green!

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