The Long And Sad Journey To Masada


                Filled With Memories Of Sad Events As We Journey Up To Masada

Masada is one of the most magnificent Roman ruins of our times.  Masada, with its rugged natural beauty, is a majestic and beautiful fortress on a hill overlooking the Dead Sea. In 73 AD it became a symbol of the ancient kingdom of Israel. It was here that the remaining survivors of the Jewish Revolt took refuge. It was here that the last remaining survivors of the Jewish people chose death over slavery. Masada was the ultimate stand as they stood looking at the Roman Army and had to make a choice between death or Roman slavery.

                                               The Ancient Fortress Maze Of Masada 

Masada was built by the  Judean King, Herod the Great.It was dramatic and grand on its perch overlooking the desert below.  It was an spectacular palace complex that was done in Roman style. It was built during the years after Judea became a province of the Roman Empire. It was here that this fight to death was fought. Often called the Jewish Revolt, these loyal Jewish citizens, fought till they died.

                             The Rubble Of The Sad And Tragic History Of Masada

The tragic events that made up the last days that took place at Masada are on your mind and heart. They overwhelm your senses as you make the long hot climb to the top of this beautiful ancient palace. It brings to mind the ongoing struggle between good and evil, oppression and freedom. It is a symbol of Jewish thought and culture.

Masada speaks loudly to those who would understand history. Masada reminds us that if we do not learn from history, it repeats itself. No adventure is complete without climbing to the top of Masada. The Masada Desert Fortress included  a stone wall around the large flat rock. You will see what was storehouses, cisterns that were filled when it rained, bunk houses, and the palace itself. Enjoy the view of the Judean Desert. You can almost see forever. Bask in the magnificent view of the Dead Sea, one of the greatest treasures of this desert land. As you journey to Masada, you will find yourself engulfed in a magnificent cultural symbol of the Jewish people. Enjoy one of the greatest adventures of the Judean Desert.




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