Longevity Memorial Park In Taiwan

Fo Guang Shanin
Longevity Memoria Park

Longevity Memorial Park

Longevity Memorial Park is beautiful! It is peaceful! Is is an oasis in a busy world. The memorial is located on the eastern side of the Fo Guang Shan Monastery. How harmonious it is.  The park gazes out over the Gaoping River.  It’s view is one of mountains and water. It is tranquil and peaceful. It provides an undisturbed and beautiful last resting place.  It is gentle and secluded. It is a place of respect and veneration. It is a park where families can visit the tomb of loved ones. The Buddhist Longevity Memorial Park calls you to come and spend quiet time at the tomb of family and friends. It is a place without disorder or chaos.

The Longevity Memorial Park became Taiwan’s first official cemetery in 1974. It was the vision of Hsing Yun that created this park-like cemetery.  He had trees and flowers planted. He erected many pavilions for visitors, and created paths for quiet walks and contemplation.The Longevity Memorial lies in the midst of this peaceful park.

Longevity Memorial Park includes places for worship and farewell rituals for those that have passed over from life to death. It is a setting of great respect. Included in the park is a Hospice Center for those who are living out their final days. Here they can live together with their families in peaceful surroundings. The dying can hear the chant of monks as they leave this life for the next. Help and support for the grieving families is available.

The Longevity Memorial Park Hall provides niches and urns for the ashes of the deceased. They also provide for those who can not pay who are living in the Gaoxiung Province. The urns come in three different forms. There is one for singles, one for couples, and another for families.

Longevity Memorial Park is a pleasant place to come and visit while in Taiwan. It is a peaceful resting place for the deceased. It is a shelter for the living.  Be sure to include a few hours and visit this memorial at the Fo Guang Shan Monastery. For other destinations see our website at:



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