Lorikeets‬ At The San Diego ‪‎Safari‬ Park

Lorikeets‬ at the San Diego ‪#‎Safari‬ Park

Lorikeets‬ At The San Diego ‪‎Safari‬ Park

Lorikeets‬ have left the rain-forest and are at the San Diego Safari Park! What a rainbow of beauty! Lorikeets are found in all the colors of the rainbow. Their home is deep in the Australian Rain-forest. Their range is among the many islands of the Western Pacific. Where there are Lorikeets‬, beauty abounds.

Lorikeets‬ are mainly found among the wild Western Pacific. Out of the forest lowlands of Australia, mountain rain-forests, plantations, and the many small islands comes this magnificent bird.  They are beautiful! They abound with color! They are fun to watch!

Lorikeets‬ primarily like a diet of fruits and nectar. They love fresh pollen. You will find them often getting a snack among the  apple and pear trees of the orchard. They enjoy the grapes on the vine and fresh ripe melons just ready to pick. You will see them often in the paw paw and  mango plantations. They also like a quick snack of orchard goodies like oranges and tangerines. They occasionally eat insects that happen to be at the wrong place at the right time. This is the world of the Lorikeet. There is no seed, on their plate!

These beautiful little parrots live 7-10 years in the wild. At the San Diego Safari Park they can expect an extended life expectancy of up to 5 years. That is one of the amazing things about the Lorikeets‬ at the San Diego Safari Park, they often live to be 15.

Another fun part of our safari adventure is to discover their breeding habits. It is possible to see little Lorikeets‬ a couple of times a year. They only incubate their eggs about 15 days before hatching. They usually lay two eggs at a time. How exciting to watch mama feed her babies.

If you desire a close at hand Lorikeet Adventure, come on over to the San Diego Safari Park. Here in San Diego we love Lorikeets‬. So pack your bags and grab the family, it’s time to head on over to San Diego Safari Park. It’s a wonderful day for a Lorikeet Adventure.


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