Lotus Flowers in Asia: More Than Beautiful

Lotus flower
Lotus flower

Lotus Flowers And Their Significance

Did you ever wonder what the reason behind everyone wanting Lotus Flowers in Asia? Sure, they are a beautiful flower! They come in many colors! They grow on murky waters, where nothing else grows. So what is the attraction?

To the Buddhist, it is one of several symbols of good luck or prosperity. This beautiful flower actually has three meanings. The plant grows out of the murky waters, rising to become a beautiful flower. This is likened to our lives, as we live them day by day. The final goal of the Buddhist is to become enlightened. It is this enlightenment that is the very essence of Lotus Flowers. The second meaning is that of the purification of the spirit. The spirit being born into muddiness and then becoming like the beautiful Lotus Flowers floating on the water. The third meaning is faithfulness. Those who have the hope to rise above the muddy waters must be faithful.

The next significance of Lotus flowers and their meaning has to do with the color. A beautiful white flower has to do with the state of purity: Purity of mind and spirit. In most cultures the color white represents a state of purity. Many brides wear a white dress and in Christianity people often use white robes to be baptized. The red Lotus flower reflects compassion and love. In Asian countries brides often wear red dresses. Compassion and love are a major goal of most religions. Blue Lotus Flower have to do with common sense. One uses wisdom and logic in this life to grow and advance. The purple Lotus Flowers speaks of the spiritual side of man and mysticism. The last color of the Lotus is the gold flower. It has to do with all the achievements in this life and total enlightenment. This is why the statue of Buddha is gold.

The different stages of growth of Lotus Flowers represents the stages man travels through life. The murky water is the suffering and pain of this world. We are born into a world that is far from perfect. Man must learn to take the right path, not the easiest path. And finally this flower represents rebirth.

To those of us who are not Buddhist believers, Lotus Flowers continues to be another beautiful flower, created for us to enjoy, by our Creator. So on your next trip to Asia, think about the many colors you see in the statues, homes, and temples. In reflecting on the Asian meaning of color, you will understand why a building may be red or gold or white. Asia is a world of color, enjoy it on your next vacation. For vacation ideas, see our web sites:


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