Lotus Pond Kaohsiung Taiwan

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas



Taiwan is home to some of the most fantastic pagodas and temples in all of Asia. This ancient architecture is amazing and the historic architectural style has not changed through the years. The Lotus Pond area in the southern region of Taiwan will not disappoint. If you love pagodas and temples, this is the area to come to. The Pagodas of Southern Taiwan are located in the Lotus Pond district of Kaohsiung. Lotus Pond Kaohsiung Taiwan is also called Lotus Lake Kaohsiung Taiwan , and is the largest man made pond in Taiwan. Lotus Pond Kaohsiung Taiwan is home to the largest Confucius Temple in Taiwan. Kaohsiung is also home to Ciji Temple, one of the most frequently visited temples in Taiwan , A short walk around the lake reveals many bizarre looking pagodas and temples. This tourist district opened in 1951 and is equally famous for the lotus plants that are scattered across the lake. The numerous temples and pagodas around the lake include the popular Spring and Autumn Pavilions, Confucius Temple, and the Dragon and Tiger pagodas. The Pagodas and Temples of Lotus Pond Kaohsiung Taiwan are some of the best in the world.


These two extremely large pavilions were built in 1951. They were dedicated to the God of War, Kuan Kung. In the front of these pavilions is a large statue of Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy. Legend has it that Guanyin was seen in the clouds over the Spring and Autumn Pavilions. Believers then erected a statue of Guanyin giving honor to this event.


These pagodas are the most colorful of all the pagodas on the lake. The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas extend out from the Ciji Temple, across the street. The proper way of entering is through the mouth of the dragon. Inside the belly of the dragon are pictures of heaven and hell. It is the intention of these photos to help the believers and those that visit do good deeds in this life. The correct way to exit is through the tigers mouth. When done correctly, your visit is believed to bring good luck for the coming year.


Confucius Temple is located on the northern end of Lotus Pond and is the largest temple to Confucius in Taiwan and perhaps all of Asia. It was built in 1976 and the architecture is some of the best.


Lotus Pond Kaohsiung Taiwan became famous for being the site of the World Games 2009. Taiwan hosted the water events, including canoe polo, water skiing, and the dragon boat races on Lotus Pond. There is a path that leads around the lake. You will need a full day to be able to see all the temples and pagodas. The Pagodas and Temples of Lotus Pond Kaohsiung Taiwan are some of the best in all of Asia. They are stunning, colorful, crazy, and delightful. Make this the year you travel Taiwan  for the adventure of a lifetime.



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