Love River Kaohsiung,Taiwan

The Beautiful Love River of Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The Beautiful Love River of Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Love River Kaohsiung, is the focal point of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Running from south of the city to north of the city, it flows just 7.5 miles through Kaohsiung to the harbor. How amazing this short river is! It provides miles of walking and biking trails through the center of the city. On the sides of the river you will find quaint little restaurants, small bars, and many snack stands. With miles of park on both sides it is a favorite of locals. Boats are everywhere and often water skiers can be seen. The Love River is of major importance to the people of Kaohsiung. It plays a major role in the economy of the city and especially tourism. The Love River Park is a favorite for both locals and tourists. A small night market, and three outdoor cafes call the park home. Often live bands and other culture events are held here. There are many bright-colored boats, lit up at night, that take people up and down the river.

Traveling up and down the river you will see many of the attractive buildings in the city. Holy Rosary Cathedral, Kaohsiung Bridge, and Kaohsiung District Court are three of the most interesting ones near the river. Thew Soaring Fish Dragon Statue can also be seen from the river. Major concerts and other cultural events are often held in the park. The Lantern Festival, one of the major events of the year, is generally held on the banks of the Love River.

In the evening hours the Love River and all the boats on the river are decorated with bright blue neon lights. The lights create a calm and romantic area for couples that are out for an evening walk. Romance on the riverbanks of the Love River, with it’s vivid and colorful lights, is a major attraction fou couples.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan is a travel experience you will not want to miss. For more information on the Love River, and the festivals of Taiwan see:

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