Lover’s Bridge Danshui Taiwan

Lover's Bridge in Danshui Taiwan

Lover’s Bridge Danshui Taiwan 

February 14, 2003 marked the opening of this beautiful, white, cable stayed bridge, thus the name of “Lover’s Bridge.” This graceful bridge marks the entrance to the Danshui District (also spelled Tamsui) and the acclaimed Fisherman’s Wharf of Danshui. One of the amenities of the bridge is the opportunity to watch the acclaimed sunsets as they set into the Taiwan Strait. A casual walk across the span takes less than 5 minutes. The bridge spans a length of 196 meters or a little more than 643 feet. Lover’s Bridge provides the perfect distance for a short romantic walk. The riverbank Scenery Platform has room for a maximum of 3,000 people and the views of the Danshui River are breathtaking from the bridge. Lover’s Bridge provides breathtaking views of the beautiful Guanyinashan National Scenic Area. If you arrive by fishing boat, the Fluctuation Fishing Boats Wharf can accommodate up to 150 fishing boats. The arrival of the fishing boats is extremely interesting. Danshui District is named after the Danshui River and means “fresh water.”

Fisherman’s Wharf  is a very scenic location at the western tip of Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. The Fisherman’s Wharf of Danshui was planned and established for two major reasons: fishing and sightseeing. The views are simply some of the best in Taiwan. In addition to the incredible scenery, visitors will frequently find free art festivals and concerts held at the platform. While at the wharf, many visitors also enjoy traveling the short distance to Danshui Old Street where they can enjoy the local culture through the many open markets, including the famous night market. You will also find cruises and ferries available to take you to Bali for further exploration.

The area is served by the Taipei MRT ( also called the Taipei Rapid Transit System)
and the local metro bus system. Take the MRT Danshui Train (Red line) to the MRT Danshui Station. From Danshui station take bus number 835 or 837 to the Danshui Fisherman’s Wharf. You will also find additional travel information, route maps, and special information for those traveling with bicycles at: .

You can find detailed information on accomadations in the area and local attractions at:

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