Magnificent Farm Pastures Of Canary Grass In Eastern Maine

                      Nourishing Canary Grass Make For Happy Animals In Eastern Maine

Cows, goats, and horses seem to love fields of Canary Grass. Farmers either love it or hate it. The biggest down fall in Canary Grass is that it grows extremely fast, so it is important to stay ahead of it. The dairy farmers love the fact that they can get 3 to 4 cuttings a year of this highly nutritious grass.

Goats, especially, really love this tall Canary Grass that seems to grow and grow. As they are known for eating everything around down to the earth, with Canary Grass, even the goats can’t eat it till it is gone. It is always there to grow back. Canary Grass is never measured in growth by inches, but rather feet!

If you are taking tours of the Eastern part of Maine, you will marvel at how green the pastures are. Canary Grass is a sharp, deep, green! It is fabulous to look at, and grazing cows are happy cows. Visitors that come from drier regions are used to seeing dry, brown, fields. Imagine the intrigue and surprise that they feel, as they tour farm after farm of this amazing green pasture grass.

Life is an adventure, a journey, that will take you to places you can not fathom. Such is the experience of a farm tour in Eastern Maine. You will discover happy cows, well-fed goats, and beautiful horses. As the breezes come across the pasture, the grasses seem to wave in the fields. How magnificent the fields look, so perfect and rich. The greens are so green, and the grass is so thick and tall. Could it get any better?

Today is a perfect day to plan a farm tour in Eastern Maine. As you wander through acres of Canary grass, you can relax and let the stress of city life roll off. This is a perfect opportunity for those desiring to get away from the rat race, the busy non-stop life of this electronic age. So come on up to Eastern Maine and enjoy our small towns and laid back life style. Most small towns have several bed and breakfast establishments, and local food is delicious. All that is missing, is you!







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