Malapascua Island— Philippines

Malapascua Island's rich corals of the Visayan Sea in the Philippines
Malapascua Island’s rich corals of the Visayan Sea in the Philippines

Malapascua Island— Philippines

Malapascua Island is nestled in the Visayan Sea. Like so many of the tiny islands that make up the Philippines, it is a hidden jewel. It is a treasured pearl in the sea.  The island is surrounded by some of the richest coral beds in the world. What abundance of beauty. This has made Malapascua Island a major destination for divers the world over.  It is 4.2 miles from the  northernmost tip of Cebu. It is separated from Cebu by  a shallow strait. The water is crystal clear! It is bluer than blue. This is a divers paradise!

Malapascua only recently became well known as a divers destination. The island has always been known for it’s wide white sand beach. Bounty Beach has the finest white sand. It is silky between the toes. No need for flip flops here. It is well known for some of the most fascinating coral gardens. It is a snorkeler’s paradise.  Malapascua is also a gateway for other dive sites further out. Gato island, Monad Shoal, and Kemod Shoal are all sought after dive sites. Monad Shoal is a famous underwater plateau. It is here that the Thresher Sharks and the Manta Rays can be seen often.

There are still fisherman who make their livelihood from the sea. They bring the fresh catch of the day to market.  The many farmers who still farm the land provide fresh vegetables daily. The locals on Malapascua Island mainly derive their livelihood from tourism. They are very friendly and efficient. They will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. There are several hotels on the island to provide for your needs. There are also major dive resorts that cater to the diver. The food is fantastic, and like all of Asia, everything is fresh. The fruits and vegetables are picked fresh each day. The fishermen bring in the nights catch each morning. What more can you want? Malapascua Island is truly an island paradise. It is a beautiful pearl in the sea.

As you plan your next vacation to the Philippines, be sure to visit Malapascua Island. It is beautiful and the diving is splendid! Take time to walk barefoot in the sand. Feel the softness of the fine sand in your toes.  Snorkel the beautiful coral gardens. Walk the beaches and watch the sunset. And if you are a diver, go diving. It is some of the best.

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