Malaysia: The Sea And The Sky Are One

Beautiful Malaysia

Malaysia: The Sea And The Sky Are One

Malaysia is a land where the ocean is so vast, it seems endless! The skies are so blue that it too seems to have no end.  How awesome are the two as they become inseparable and meld into a oneness. This is the beautiful land of Malaysia, where the sunsets rival those, the world over.  Malaysia is an island nation of splendor and beauty.

Malaysia is wildlife diverse! It has over 200 species of animals and more than 600 species of birds. All of this on two islands. It is unbelievable ! There are 250 different species of reptiles and more than 150 different snakes. If you are seeking an up close encounter with nature, Malaysia is the place to visit. They are one of the few countries worldwide with such diversity. No need to go to the zoo, just take a walk through the jungles of Malaysia.

On Malaysia’s eastern borders is the Sulu Sea. This is a hotspot for diversity of species of fish and coral. There are over 600 different species of coral and more than 12oo different fish call the Sulu Sea home. It is no wonder,  this is one of the dive spots of the world. Malaysian Caves are so unique that tourists the world over visit them each year. Ecotourism is fast becoming a major economic source.

The architecture throughout the islands is fantastic, with many areas having the old Dutch style buildings. A favorite location of many is Stadthuys, a site built by the Dutch in 1650. The Dutch architecture is uniquely fantastic. There are also many areas with English architecture that is out of this world. With all the different types of architecture, they are most famous for the Twin towers, called Petronas Towers. The towers are the headquarters of the Petronas Oil company and are the tallest twin towers in the world.

If you have never visited Malaysia it is a divers paradise, an eco tourist’s dream, and a haven for those wanting to relax.  Make 2015 the year that you visit this beautiful island nation of Malaysia. For tourist information, see the websites below.

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