Mission Bay Adventures In San Diego

Mission Bay

The Calm Waters Of Mission Bay

Mission Bay, with its calm and beautiful waters, makes San Diego a water sports magnet! What can you do besides surf in San Diego, California? This is the land of new ideas! San Diego is on the cutting edge of new ideas for water sports. Water sports are in, and San Diego is the place to be.

Mission Bay is the largest water park of its kind in the world. The water park is over 4,000 acres with about half of it in the water and the other half land. It includes almost 27 miles of beautiful sandy beaches. It is connected by a network of waterways. The bay is best explored by boat!

Mission Bay beacons to those who like to play in the water. The calm waters of the bay make it a great place for Kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. The bay is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. There is something for everyone. Those that like to surf and kite surf find the crashing waves on the Pacific side beaches the place to be. There is a water sport for every age and skill level! Mission Bay has it all!

If it is possible to find a new way to have fun in the water, you will find it in San Diego. Surfers have invented kitesurfing, windsurfing, and stand-up surfing. There is even one called step-off surfing. Each has its own way of doing things, needs its own water conditions and its own special equipment.

San Diego has three major bays, with Mission Bay being the main one for water sports. The experienced kite surfers seem to like the area around Tourmaline Street in Pacific Beach.  The Eastside of Mission Bay is the main area for wakeboarding, water skiing, and wave running. The Westside of Mission Bay seems to be the place to be for windsurfing. The Kayakers like the calm waters of the main part of Mission Bay.  There are several places in the bay for Scuba diving. Sailing and jet skiing are popular all over the bay.

For those looking for real adventure, try Jetpacking. Here you can fly up to 30 feet in the air and then cross the water going 30 miles per hour. While there, you can even walk on water. End your adventure by diving under the water in a dynamic submarine. This is the perfect San Diego experience!

With all the many water sports available in Mission Bay and the general San Diego area, kayaking is the all around favorite.  Mission Bay has some of the best Kayaking areas in San Diego. Kayakers, however, utilize all three bays and even go ocean kayaking. Kayaking is a way of life in Mission Bay.

While you are out on the water, there will come a time that you may want to head into shore for a short Bar-B-Que. It is possible to have a family Bar-B-Que right on the beach. Have a picnic or make a bonfire. It is all possible in Mission Bay Park.



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