Mong Kok Wet Market Hong Kong

Mong Kok Wet Markets
Mong Kok Wet Markets Hong Kong

Mong Kok Wet Market For Roasted Goose

Mong Kok Wet Market is not for the squeamish at heart. Most things sold at the Mong Kok Wet Market are actually sold alive. Turtles, fish, goose, etc are actually living when bought and killed on the spot. Then they are cleaned and cooked especially for you, the customer. While the fruit and vegetable markets are actually comparable to a farmers market, much of what you see will be different. Hong Kong has many tropical plants and trees that we do not see in most of the U.S. This is not so with the meat and fish markets. You might see a whole goose with it’s feet, frogs jumping around, or fish, swimming around in an aquarium. The customer picks his fish or frog and it is killed, cleaned, and prepared right then. How fresh can you get?

In the Mong Kok Wet Market for Roasted Goose, there is one difference. The goose is sold whole but it has been cleaned and roasted. It is sold without the head or the feet. The customer buys the whole goose. In the Roasted goose market there is a limited amount of sliced goose available. Most of the meat markets are not so. When you buy the hog, it is hanging meat. This meat comes complete with the head and the hoofs. Only large animals are cut up a little more for convenience.

The concept of the fresh market is so different for the average Western Tourist. In the Western World, the customer is quite removed from the source of his or her food. He or she goes to a market and gets some meat that is all ready for the pan. In the Western World, we seldom see the whole process. In most of Asia, the customer oversees the whole process from the animal being killed and cleaned, to the actual food preparation. It is a completely different idea as to what the word ‘fresh’ means.

Next time you go to the market, think about where that lamb leg has been. How old is it? Has it been previously frozen? It may change your idea as to what ‘fresh’ really is. So enjoy the Mong Kok Wet Market on your next Hong Kong vacation. The Mong Kok Wet Market is an adventure you will not want to miss.

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