Montpelier Is The Charming Capital Of Vermont


   The Vermont State House In Montpelier, One Of The Oldest Capitals In America

This stately State House, being one of America’s oldest, has been preserved and is in amazing condition. After standing at the head of Montpelier for 140 years, it still stands strong and beautiful. The chambers are the oldest working chambers in America.  They are still in their original condition and lay out. They have been kept up and well preserved. You can not help but feel the unique difference as you walk the halls of this unique and wonderful building.

Montpelier is the smallest capital city  in the nation. In fact, it is not even a small city. The population of Montpelier was just 7,855 in 2010. What Montpelier lacks in size is made up with uniqueness and quality that is seldom seen elsewhere. This is a small capital city with northern charm and hospitality.

Montpelier is a walkable town. You can walk or bike anywhere. That makes it a healthy town. People want to know you and if you spend time in Montpelier, you will leave with some new friends. This little town is full of history and you can see it at the History Museum. There is a lot of history in these original 13 states.

There is a thriving arts community in Montpelier. If you take time to wander the streets, you will find many artists and writers hard at work in their studios. Life moves slowly and the arts flourish in a world that slows down and allows one to taste and see. You will find many art galleries in the town on the side streets.

Montpelier is the outdoor lovers playground. In the middle of this small capital you will find Hubbard Park, which leads out into the wooded area where there are many trails and scenic views. The community has river access to the North Branch River through the beautiful North Branch River Park.  Soon they will have a bike trail and boat ramps for  the community. Then the locals and their visitors can Kayak through downtown.

Going to the Northeast United States?  The plan a trip to the smallest capital in our nation. Adventure is in the air in Montpelier, Vermont.

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