A Moose Calf Enjoys First Fruits Of Spring

Baby Moose

            A Young Moose Enjoys Emerging Spring Twigs As Spring Returns

As spring approaches, tasty twigs work their way through the remaining snow. This baby, with his long legs, reminds us just how deep this remaining snow is. This little one, though he is not so little, is enjoying the first buds as they present themselves on the shrubs. This moose calf most likely was born last spring and has just gone out on his own. His mother has spent the last year teaching him how to live on his own and find tasty morsels of fresh twigs, willow and birch shoots, maple shoots and water plants. It is these first signs of life that remind us that soon spring will return to the land.

Moose calves are born each spring and weigh approximately 30 pounds at birth. After birth, they continue to grow fast.  Moose herds are usually found near areas where there are marshes, swamps, and lakes. Herds of moose also enjoy the mountain forests.They especially enjoy the mountain ranges of Alaska. Moose usually do not remain in herds, except sometimes in the winter. Most moose live alone. An adult moose will usually live to be at least 15 years, but many live to around 27. The greatest enemies of this unique and amazing animal are bears and wolves. Bears and wolves, along with human hunters, hunt moose for food.

An adult moose really has very few true enemies. Siberian Tigers are one of the few animals that can and do take down full grown healthy adult moose. Both the American Black Bears and Brown Bears are able to take down a young moose. In certain situations, they can even take down a pregnant cow or a cow with a calf, as can a full grown wolf. Moose are excellent swimmers and in certain areas are seen in the ocean waters where they can fall victim to a whale. This is the only Marine Animal that is a threat to the moose.

Moose in the wild have great numbers with around 200,000 in Alaska alone. Due to the careful oversight of hunting moose, the moose is not near to becoming low in numbers or endangered at this time. Canada and Russia each have somewhere between 500,000 and One Million moose. and there are around 115,000 in Norway and Finland. In edition to these major moose locations, many countries in Europe and North America have a good head account, when it comes to moose.

If you are looking for some awesome photographs of Alaskan Moose, then the time is ripe. It is also a good time to catch bears fresh from hibernation.  Have you ever seen a bear go fishing, or a moose go swimming?  There is no better time , than today, to see all the different families of wildlife that Alaska has to offer. So come on up to the North Country for an exciting Wildlife Adventure. No matter how you come, adventure is waiting in Alaska.


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