Mushroom Rocks At Yehliu Geopark Taiwan

Honeycombed mushroom rocks are a wonder of nature at Yehliu Geopark in Taiwan

Honeycombed Mushroom Rocks

Mushroom Rocks are calling! Don your flip flops and grab your umbrella. The hot tropical sun is out in full force, shade is a welcome friend. The beautiful weathered sandstone is bright! It sparkles in the sun.  The muted tones of the sandstone seem to come alive. It almost looks like a honeycomb! Experience how the natural forces of wind and water erosion create strange and delicate shapes. Look, it’s a Portobella! No, it’s a Tree oyster. Only your imagination limits the naming of the rocks. It is nature’s fantasy land.  What can be more exciting than trying to figure out what type of mushroom each one is. They are amazing! So get creative ……it is time to take a walk through mushroom land. The Mushroom Rocks are calling!

What Stories They Tell

Uncover stories from the past as you travel through mushroom land. These Mushroom Rocks are amazing! Look over there! That looks like a head of cabbage. Could it be that it is a Hen of the Woods mushroom? Look, it is in clusters! Think of all the wild waves that have washed over the sandstone.  Crashing waves have eroded it over thousands of years. How have  the plates under the earth  shifted? The driving wind off the ocean. …..what did it do? Let your imagination roam wild and free.  How many mushrooms can you find?

An Ancient Landscape

Did you ever wonder how long it took for these Mushroom Rocks to form? Mushroom rocks could be as ancient as the island itself. The island is a geological event. So take time to gaze and wonder in amazement. How do you make a mushroom rock? Is it a Shiitake or a Crimino. They almost look the same, except, the Crimino is stalkier. Take time to think about where they came from? What indigenous people also walked among them? How have they changed through the years? Take time to think. Take time to weave a story. Enjoy Yehliu Geopark in Taiwan.

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