Nanliao Fishing Port: Hsinchu, Taiwan

Nanliao Fishing Port
Nanliao Fishing Port

Nanliao Fishing Port: Hsinchu, Taiwan

Nanliao Fishing Port of Hsinchu, Taiwan is famous for kites, bikes, bike paths, fabulous sunsets, and the dragon boat races. What a fun place to explore! The sunsets are captivating! The bike paths are adventurous, The Dragon Boat Races are fantastic and fun. And when all is done, there are countless little cafes with dumplings and Beef Noodle Soup.  This is Nanliao and the year of the goat is yet a week away.

The beach at Nanliao Fishing Port is the home of the most fantastic kite flying beach. Such a large space of windy beach, without any wires or other overhead disturbances is wonderful. An awesome huge Squid Kite is the King of the Beach. What fun it is to fly a kite at Nanliao Beach.

So what to do at Nanlian Fishing Port?  Take a bike ride of course! The Hsinchu government has established a 17 mile bike path. It is slightly sheltered from the wind and it is awesome to just cruise the bike path and enjoy nature at its finest. What fun it is to end your day at the beach and wait to see if you will be rewarded. Happy cycling!

Nanliao Fishing Port is known to reward the weary traveler with the most fantastic sunsets. The sun sets over the water and the beauty is fantastic. I love the deep orange and red tones that the area is known to generate so nicely.

After sunset it is fun to hop on over to a noddle place or a pizza bar. A nice big bowl of beef noodles is just the thing to end a busy day of cycling. Taiwan is famous for their beef noodle soup and their dumplings are the best. Chili Crab is another local speciality. The Chili Crab is some of the best this side of Singapore. Top it off with a cup of the local green tea. what a fabulous dinner!

If you are fortunate to be there during the Dragon Boat Races, they are so much fun.  You are sure to enjoy watching the canoes race to the beat of the drums.  Each canoe is totally different and their are many different dragons that grace the boats. This years Taiwan Dragon Boat Races will be exciting  and is a National holiday for Taiwan. Make this the year that you book that Taiwan vacation. Enjoy the Year of the Goat in Taiwan.  For added information on the Dragon Boat Races, check an earlier article that is below. Also check out our website for added Taiwan information and things to do.


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