Ngong Ping Cable Cars Over Tung Chung Bay

Ngong Ping cable car
Ngong Ping cable cars gliding across Tung Chung Bay in Hong Kong

Ngong Ping Cable Cars Over Tung Chung Bay

Ngong Ping Cable Cars scoot across Tung Chung Bay in Hong Kong. What a fun way to get across the bay! What beautiful scenery you will see!  You can see every direction and it is a beautiful day! It is breathtaking! Welcome to Hong Kong!

Your journey starts in Tung Chung and crosses Tung Chung Bay as it heads to Airport Island and then on to the northern Lantau. You will see the complete airport from above and the Ngong Ping Plateau. Just imagine what you will see! You will even have an aerial views of the Tian Tan Buddha statue. How large he looms into the air! The views of the North Lantau are awesome! You will see miles of majestic mountains as far as you can see. Imagine gliding over the vast Hong Kong grasslands and viewing the city from above. Then there is the fantastic views of the Great China Sea. The Great China Sea is so blue and vast, that its beauty is beyond words. This is a wonderful way to start any Hong Kong vacation. It is amazing!

Ngong Ping Cable Cars are open from 10:00am till 6:00 pm Monday-Friday, and 9:30am-6:30pm on Weekends and holidays. The Themed Village is open for your enjoyment daily. In 2015 there are several scheduled days for servicing in which the Ngong Ping Cable Cars will be closed.  Those pre-scheduled days are March 13th-20th, June 29th and 30th, September 2nd through the 22nd, and December 1st and 2nd.  During this time, the Themed Village remains open for your enjoyment.

From Hong Kong City, take the MTR (Train)  to Tung Chung. You will want the Tung Chung Line and it is a 30 minute ride. When you arrive in Tung Chung,  use exit B. Ngong Ping Cable Cars is adjacent to the MTR Tung Chung Station. From exit B is it literally a 2 minute walk. For added information and to buy tickets online, see their website below.

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