Ocean Kayakers Of Taiwan

Ocean Kayakers

Ocean Kayakers

Ocean Kayakers launch their kayaks through rough surf. The waves can be pounding and the paddling a challenge. Ocean Kayakers  face the hammering breakers, often five or six feet tall. Once they pass these fierce breakers, the sea can be calm and  peaceful. Master the breakers and the ocean is tamed.  In the midst of these rolling waves,   you can  kayak around the island. What marvelous views of the real Taiwan. Jungles, mountains, and beaches emerge into view. How exciting it is to kayak around this inspiring island. What a pleasure to see life on shore from the vantage of the sea. Beaches that can only be accessed by water come into view. Shear cliffs and fantastic rock formations loom in the distance. This is the wonderful world of the ocean kayakers.

A Path Less Traveled

Dare to forsake the solid terrain of the island for small wooden kayaks. Ocean kayakers brave the elements to see the unbelievable. Sometimes heavy storms make the journey impossible. When the seas swell, the ocean kayakers bring their wooden kayaks ashore. There is a charm to traveling by sea. The ocean is unpredictable and can be a fierce opponent. Moving on water can be treacherous! The sea can be calm one minute and engulfed in a major wave the next. Waves as high as 16 feet can strike without notice. This is the ominous world of the ocean kayakers. Ocean kayakers open their hearts and embrace the ocean. It is a way of life! The challenges are exhilarating! Excitement fills the air! Adventure on the water beckons. Nothing in life is so fulfilling as traveling by water.

Braving The Waves

Brave the waves and venture out into the ocean! This is island hopping at its finest. Travel at your own pace. There are no traffic jams. There is no traffic. Once you are experienced with the ways of the ocean, major adventures will delight your days. Cross-continental explorations are waiting. The world of the ocean kayaker is never dull. See the world with different eyes! Choose to travel by water. It is exciting! It is fun! Embrace the world of the ocean kayaker.



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