Old Jaffa Market Places

Old Jaffa

Old Jaffa Market Places

Old Jaffa, with its markets and flea markets is a bargainer’s delight! Here is the land of the haggler. Everywhere you look, there is fresh fruit among a collection of other items. In old Jaffa, you have the world of vintage and antiques! It is a world where a savvy buyer can score an antique for little, if they are sure about what they are doing. In the middle of almost every group of stores, are the bountiful market stands of fresh fruit. The land in Israel is fertile and there is an abundance of fresh fruit to be had. One delightful breakfast is to pair the fresh breads with cheese and fresh fruit. How delightful to have fresh dates, apples, and pears for breakfast.

Judging from the variety of fresh fruit to be had at the market place, one can begin to wonder if there is anything that does not grow in Israel?  As you wander through the many stalls of products for sale, there are three things that you will see in abundance.  Fresh bread is bought by the family each morning and there are lots of markets selling all the different breads that are available.  Along with the fresh bread is fresh cheese. One very delightful experience is being able to eat fresh bread daily with a slice of fresh cheese on top. Top that off with a piece of fresh fruit, and you are in heaven.

It is impossible to venture too far in Old Jaffa, without seeing a fruit market. In the fruit market you can see the local plums, apples, pears, and dates. Not only do you see the local fruits of the area, but there are many imported fruits from the world at large. Fruit is important in the culture and life of all those living in this region. Old Jaffa, like all of Israel, has fruit, breads, and cheese throughout all its markets. It is time to go to the market! The bread, the cheese, and the fruit are waiting!



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