Ormoc City: A Philippine Adventure

Exploring Ormoc City is fun and easy on Motorized Tricycles in the Philippines
Exploring Ormoc City is fun and easy on Motorized Tricycles in the Philippines

Ormoc City: A Philippine Adventure

Ormoc City, the city where trekking is done in style.  What fun it is to see the sights on the Motorized Tricycles! Trekking is a way of life for the Philippine tourist who desires adventure. Ormoc City is fun! The tricycles  are economical! They are small and fast! They make a way, where there is no way!  If you want to really see and know Ormoc City, go trekking.  Mingle with the local people.  Traffic jams are history! With the tricycles, you can weave in and out leaving the drama behind. So what is there to do in Ormoc City?

One of the greatest attractions in the Eastern Visayas is Lake Danao. This beautiful lake is mysteriously shaped like a violin. Lake Danao is extremely beautiful!l The water is crystal clear. This amazing park lies in the interior  of the Leyte Central Mountain Range. Hail a tricycle and your exploration begins. It is just a 20-30 minute ride from Ormoc City.  After arriving at the park,  your adventure kicks in to high gear. Outdoor recreational activities abound. Trekking and biking opens doors to adventure and excitement. There is camping in the area and boat rentals are scattered around the lake. Whether you choose to have a private picnic or  spend the night, Lake Danao will not disappoint.  Sightseeing is pleasant as you trek Lake Danao. Here you will find excitement and a drama that only nature can share.

With Ormoc Bay to the west of the city, there are several beach resorts and picnic areas. If you like boating, there are boat rentals available. What a fun way to see the shore of the island. Rent a Kayak or other boat and let the adventure begin. Get out and just walk the beach and see what you will see. There is always something new and different. Excitement is in the air. When you choose to trek through the mountains, and beaches, be sure to expect the unexpected.

So what are you waiting for? Make this the year you choose to explore Ormoc City. Hire a tricycle and the thrills will begin. Get out and hike! See the mountains, lakes, and beaches. Explore the waterways by boat. Make this the vacation for tricycle trekking. Adventure is waiting in Ormoc City.


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  2. The place looks like fun! I hear its very cheap to live there.

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