Oyster Omelets In Taiwan


Oyster Omelets

                                              TAIWAN’S FAMOUS OYSTER OMELETS

Taiwan is often called a food lover’s heaven. Every place of any size has a nice sized night market with stalls of small eateries and mini stores. One of the most unique tastes of Taiwan is the Oyster Omeletts. Amid the stinky tofu of the night market and the Shilin, which are nice fresh crab, you will find the Oyster Omelette.

This iconic Taiwanese snack is sometimes called an oyster omelette and other times an oyster pancake.These amazing snacks start with a little sweet potato powder, a few eggs, various vegetables, and lots of very large oysters. To top it all off, there is a wonderful topping of sweet and sour sauce. What an amazing snack.

So the question always comes up, what if I am not in Taiwan? Can I make these delectable treats at home? Well, yes you can and here is one of Taiwan’s prized recipes. Check out the Tiny Urban Kitchen website for a delicious recipe. Check out this amazing Taiwanese Oyster Omelet Recipe or Taiwanese Oyster Pancake Recipe, as some call it.



Another good recipe for making these famous ometettes can be found on you tube. check it out at:


No matter how you look at it, these omelettes are the best in Taiwanese snacks.

Travel by car or train from  Kaohsiung to Taipei and then wander on over to older districts like Jiufen and you will see night market after night market. Delicious street foods is a way of life in Taiwan. You can indulge yourself as you move from market to market. Yes, you can eat your way around Taiwan and never be hungry. This is a country of little eats and are they good.

So what are you waiting for? Today is the day to plan your next Taiwan adventure. You will find many different little eats, so many in fact, that you will have no need for standard meals. And if you love oysters, try out the Oyster Omelette, it is delicious and unique.


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