Paifang Nan Liao Taiwan

Paifang Nan Liao Taiwan
Paifang Nan Liao Taiwan

Paifang Nan Liao Hsinchu Taiwan

Paifang Nan Liao is one of  the beautiful  paifangs  found throughout Taiwan. Each paifang tells the story of the Dynasty time. Paifangs were originally massive gates or arched entrances. These gates marked the entrance into an enclosed or walled area of the city. During The Tang Dynasty these beautiful  entrance gates  would divide cities into smaller neighborhoods. Today, we would refer to them as a sub-divisions.  During the Tang Dynasty these divisions were  extremely elaborate.  Major walls or fences surrounded  the area with gates that were shut and guarded each night.

This system of elaborate walled communities  continued through the latter years of the Song Dynasty. By the latter years of the song dynasty, a paifang had become a  decorated monument.  All through Taiwan are beautiful  gates and monuments dating back to the different dynasties. Each Paifang tells a story of it’s own.

Nan Liao, a community in Hsinchu County, is a small fishing port. This port is smaller than the fishing port in Taichung, but no less busy. Walking out onto the dock allows you to get a good feel for the life of a fishing village. While in Nan Liao take time to find a small local restaurant  to have lunch. Some of Taiwan’s finest food can be found in these small local communities.

Paifangs or gates are usually found  at the entrance to China Towns throughout the world. Most China Towns have a traditional entrance gate to their communities.  These elaborate gates usually have the traditional “foo dogs” standing guard on each side.

Paifang Nan Liao is built of white stone with the traditional lion statues or “foo dogs” on each side. It is a  beautiful  and massive gate. It is one of Taiwan’s  notable landmarks and a must see while you are in Hsinchu County.

For added suggestions of things to do in Taiwan, check out the following links. As we are coming close to the new year, you might want to include the Dragon Boat Races of Nan Liao in your itinerary.

It is not too early to book your next adventure to Hsinchu County. Grab your bag and let’s head for Hsinchu Taiwan.

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