Paradise Pier… Disneyland Adventure

Paradise Pier

Paradise At Disneyland

Paradise, what is it? Is it a place to read a book? Quiet and solitaire in a busy world can be paradise to some. Maybe paradise is a place to hide and get away from life. Or maybe, just maybe, it is a place in the midst of a thousand people, that is just perfect. Paradise, where you can get away from it all. Disneyland is Paradise to many of all ages. In Disneyland there is something for everyone. Some want peace! Some wants thrills! Some like the peaceful thrills in the middle of a magical place….Disneyland USA.

Paradise Pier

Paradise Pier is a place in Disneyland’s Adventure Park. It is cradled in between cities, majestic deserts, and flourishing forests. Paradise is embedded in romantic deserts. Deserts that appear to be off the canvas of the master. Incredible and overwhelming deserts that go for miles and then when you think you can not see one more cacti……there is Paradise Pier. Paradise Pier is nestled in the exciting theme park, Disneyland Adventure. Adventure and excitement are everywr. here. Look up, and the sky is celebrating! Look down and the water glows with natural beauty and color. Look around and thrills are in the air. Take a few minutes and sit on the Dock. Dangle your feet in the water. Take a boat down the lazy river. Read a book! Paint a picture! Sing a song. Take time to enjoy paradise—-Paradise Pie

Sunset At The Pier

Anaheim, California is a glitzy hub for extroverts and thrill seekers of all ages. In the midst of all this activity is Paradise Pier. When the sun is beginning to set, the sky lights up. The deep colors reflect off the water. The perfect place to end the day. Sit on the deck and dangle your feet in the cool water. Enjoy the shade of the evening….a welcome relief from the sun. It is so quiet and peaceful. In the midst of the park, yet away from the frenzy that continues into the night. Paradise Pier is the perfect evening get-away!

As The Day Ends….

Relax with a cocktail or glass of wine at this laid-back lobby lounge at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. Or better yet, grab a cup of tea and just stretch back and let them cook dinner. The day has been fun. The pace was fast. Now is the time to relax at the inn. Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel is the perfect inn for the occasion.


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