Perfect Dumplings: Taiwanese Culinary Art

Making the perfect dumpling
Making the perfect dumpling

Perfect Dumplings: Taiwanese Culinary Art

Perfect dumplings in Taiwan is an art. Hours and hours of labor goes into the science of the dumpling. They just are not whipped up and thrown in the pan. Perfect dumplings will have skin that is not too thick, and the liquid will not be too little. It must be precisely the right amount.  Making dumplings is serious business in Taiwan and each year the major bakeries and chefs compete to see who has it down to a science. Who will make those perfect dumplings?

One style of dumplings are for soup. They stuff their soup dumplings with crab and pork. The crab must be from todays catch and the pork freshly butchered. Everything is fresh in Taiwan. If you have never had one of these Taiwanese dumplings with soup inside, you do not know what you’re missing. Finding those perfect dumplings will be  an adventure. Each dumpling must be constructed with a consistent number of pleats. Everything about those perfect dumplings, must be precise. But when you find them, they will be delicious. Good soup dumplings are like a pocket full of edible magic. They are fantastic!

Taiwanese boiled dumplings with Pork are another favorite. By using a combination of flour and potato flour, they are able to get the skin just perfect, neither too thin nor too thick. Like their cousins the soup dumpling, they must be done precisely. Their construction also will leave them with a consistent number of pleats. What a delight it is to find, those perfect dumplings!

My personal favorite are the bah-tzang dumplings. These are a Taiwanese bamboo wrapped sticky rice dumpling that is just fantastic to eat. On the inside can be any combination of meats and vegetables. The sky is the limit on these sticky rice dumplings. The essence of the bamboo leaves is infused with the rice and vegetables and it is out of this world.

Whatever your favorite dumpling might be, know that they are precisely done. Nothing is left to chance. The art of making dumplings is not to be taken lightly. So what are you waiting for? Today is the day, to find those perfect dumplings. Grab your passport and pack your bag. Make this the year you search for the perfect Taiwanese dumpling.



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