Philippine Coral Reefs

Philippine coral reefs of Cebu

Philippine Coral Reefs

Philippine Coral Reefs are home to some of the finest marine environments in the world. The Philippine Islands form a part of the “coral triangle”. This triangle is home to thousands of species of fish and other marine animals.   The reefs of the tropics are some of the most prosperous of all the marine environments on earth. Philippine Coral Reefs are some of the richest reefs in the world.

These coral reefs provide protection for the thousands of species that call these waters home. This area has more species of fish and coral than any other marine environment on earth. These amazing colorful reefs are a divers paradise and a snorkelers dream. Philippine fisherman provide an abundant supply of fresh fish daily for the many restaurants and markets that dot the area.  One of the fascinating experiences is walking into a restaurant and choosing your whole fish and seeing it prepared. Now that is fresh!

The Philippine Coral Reefs are home to some of the biggest fish in the sea, including the Whale Shark,  and the magnificent Sea Turtle. Besides these larger fish, there are thousands of other species of marine life in these warm tropical waters. The reefs are made up of hundreds of species of coral and the colors are simply amazing. Every year thousands of tourists flock to the area to enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, and the glass bottom boats. Some of the world's best diving spots  surround these amazing islands. Those who do not have diving skills can enjoy the glass bottom boats that offer tours daily. Philippine Coral Reefs provide numerous opportunities for the tourist to enjoy these colorful and delicate reefs.This truly is the Marine Amazon of the world.

For more information on  the Philippine Coral Reefs and the best diving areas, check out our web sites where you will find articles on scuba diving and snorkeling. You will also find a link to a Cebu site that provides a list of motels and diving spots on the Island of Cebu and some of the other small islands near by. Let this be the year that you join us in the Amazon of the marine world. Adventure is waiting for you, in the Philippines.

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