Philippine Islands Rain Forests

Phillippine Jungle

Philippine Islands rain forests have a rich bio-diversity. The Philippine Islands is made up of over 7,000 islands, each island with it’s own type of rugged mountains and lush vegetation.  “Pearl of the Orient,” as the Philippines is often called, has some of the most enticing beaches on earth. The crystal-clear water and white sand beaches are prevalent on most of the islands. Not to be out done, are the beautiful virgin jungles found on the Philippine Islands. More than half of the plants in the world can be found in these lush jungles. The island forests are also home to over half of the animals found in the world. Most of these lush jungles have disappeared. There is less than 8% of the original virgin rain forest left on these magnificent islands.

The Philippine Islands Rain forests are some of the most endangered tropical jungles in the world. On the island of Luzon, the Sierra Madre Mountains is home to the largest Philippine jungle on the islands. It is here that you will find approximately 40% of the virgin jungle in the country. The remaining virgin tropical rain forest can be found on the islands of Palawan and Mindanao. Mindanao has much of it’s original tropical jungle on the eastern side of the island. Eastern Mindanao has the highest mountain peak in the Philippines, Mt. Apo. Most of the jungle in this area is mountainous. Palawan is the Philippines largest province. It has approximately 50% of its virgin jungle. Palawan Island’s virgin jungle is made up of both lowland and highland areas.


The diversity of the islands presents numerous opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Consider biking through the Philippine Islands. This will give you an opportunity to visit areas not available by vehicle. If you visit the island of Mindanao, you will find kayaking and white-water rafting available. These water trips wind through the jungle on one of it’s many rivers. Transportaion to the different islands can be done by air or from Manila you will find many boats going to the other islands. If you are in to learning jungle survival skills, check out Jungle Environmental Survival Training at Subic Bay on Luzon Island. This area also offers tours of the Pamulaklakin Forest Trail. Most of these are overnight survival tours.

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