Philippine Tropics And The Joys Of Rain

Tropical rain showers

Philippine Tropics And The Joys Of Rain

Philippine tropics are amazing! They resound with the joys of rain! The climate is either Tropical Rain-forest, Tropical Savannah, tropical monsoon, or the humid subtropical of the mountains and hills. Regardless of which region, the temperatures stay high, the humidity is even higher, and there is more than enough rain. Depending on where you are, many areas of the country experience rain all year long. The rain keeps the rain-forests green and the grasses flourish. What joy the rain can bring!

The Philippine Tropics lie within the typhoon belt, so they do get a little too much rain at times. Especially the areas of Luzon, Bicol, and the Eastern Visayans are prone to get hit by passing typhoons.  Though not as often, Manila is not immune to devastation. While rain is welcome and is a delight, too much, too quick brings heartache and destruction. The tropical monsoons occasionally hit the north with too much rain, too fast, and flooding occurs. But the rest of the time, the rain is a welcome visitor.

Consider the rhythm of the rain on a tin roof! What a delight it is! It is the best time to take a nap. The rain in the Philippine tropics beats hard, like the systematic pulsing of the drum, The awesome rhythm lures you to sleep! The rain is magnificent! The birds of the rain forests rejoice! The animals of the Savannah clap their paws with joy. The rain has returned. The grasses turn green. The trees of the forest get a drink. How marvelous is a rainy day in the Philippine Tropical Savannahs.

If you are heading out to the Philippines during March to October, be sure to grab your umbrella. The sun shines brightly one minute and then a few minutes of rain arrives. The rain is warm and does not harm. Take heart, there is such joy in the rain!


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