Photo of the Day ~ Caesarea In Israel Is On The Mediterranean Sea

Ancient Caesarea Was A Gift To King Herod From Augustus Caesar

Ancient Caesarea is a beautiful coastal community on the Mediterranean Sea.  The ancient city is now Caesarea National Park. The historic port is amazingly beautiful. Within the park you can see the magnificent Roman amphitheater, as well as the ruins of spectacular pillars, columns, hippodrome and numerous sculptures. The hippodrome with it’s stone seating is magnificent and well preserved. Off to the side is the ruins of the Promontory Palace. The mosaic floor of the palace is still intact and amazing. Take a few minutes and sit on the stone seats of the great hippodrome and imagine what you are able to see during 10BC, when they were finished. The day is perfect for a  a leisurely stroll through the palace. Let history steal your mind, if even for a minute!

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