Photo of the Day ~ Christo Rei Statue Says Obbrigado Or Thank You

Beautiful Statue Of Jesus Expressing Thanks

If you come to Portugal by sea, the first thing you will see is this tall statue saying obrigado, or thank you. What a greeting! This is the “Christo Rei”statue which looks out over the city with outstretched arms. This was built in the 1950’s, with many similarities to the statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This amazing statue was Portugal’s way of saying thank you to Jesus, for protecting them from the fierce world war.  What a wonderful display of gratefulness.

You you will find this amazing expression of thanksgiving on the south side of  the Tejo Estuary. There is a viewing platform with extraordinary views of the city. You will not want to miss the view. This is a major destination for pilgrims and adventures alike.

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