Photo of the day – Taitung Taiwan

Photo of the day – Taitung Taiwan
A brief History of where this picture come from.
Chenggong Taitung on the East Coast of Taiwan
Taitung Province (Chinese: 臺東縣; pinyin: Táidōng Xiàn) is the third biggest region in Taiwan, spotted in the eastern coast. While its name signifies “Eastern Taiwan”, it is otherwise called “Houshan” (Chinese: 後山; pinyin: hòushān; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: āu-soaⁿ) by a number of the locals, importance behind the mountains or the back mountains.Taitung runs along the south east shore of Taiwan. Taitung region, having 3,515 km2 is the third biggest province in Taiwan after Hualien Area and Nantou District. Taitung Province’s coastline is 231 km long. Taitung at present has a populace of 231,863.Due partially to its remote area and disconnection by mountains from Taiwan’s principle populace focuses, Taitung was the last piece of the island to be colonized by Han Chinese workers (late nineteenth century). All through the twentieth century Taitung remained a financial backwater. Scantily populated even today, this confinement may have been a surprisingly beneficial turn of events, as Taitung for the most part got away from the urbanization and contamination that now torment a significant part of the island’s marsh ranges.

Notwithstanding the range on Taiwan fitting, the district incorporates two real islands, Green Island and Orchid Island. Orchid Island, home of the Tao individuals (Taiwanese natives nearly identified with the populace of the northern Philippines), has become a major tourist attraction.

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