Photo Tour Of The Foods Of The Philippines

 The Lechon, Spanish Word Meaning “Suckling Pig,” Is The National Dish Of The Philippines  

Lechon is one of the National Dishes of the Philippines. Roasted on a spit over a bed of coals. Lechon is mainly found in Spain and those countries that have been under Spanish rule at any time.

 Taste The Romance In Cebu Philippines 

While waiting on your Lechon, why not have a romantic drink. With all the fresh fruit in The Philippines, there are so many amazing juice drinks.

 Philippine Blue Swimming Crabs Are local Crustaceans, colorful And So Sweet!  

There are so many delicious soups and main dishes maid with these delicious and colorful crabs.

 Buko Juice, The Joy Of Sweet Coconuts On Leyte Island In The Philippines  

While waiting on your delicious crab cakes or soup of the day, why not taste the joy of Buko Juice. Buko juice is absolutely amazing.

Fresh Parrot Fish At A Traditional Seafood Wet Market In Batangas Philippines  

Fresh fish is part of daily life in The Philippines. There are so many different varieties and dishes. So why not take time for a fish dinner.

 “Delicious Filipino Breakfast” 

Sometimes that delicious breakfast is staring you straight in the eye! There is a fish for every occasion in The Philippines.

Time For BBQ In The Philippines!  

No matter where you live, there is nothing like BBQ. This is even more true in The Philippines, where BBQ and beach come together. What a delightful feast!

Our Feast After Scuba Diving; Gffshore On A Remote Island Near Cebu, Philippines. 

Can you beat it? Here, after a hard four hours of diving, is a Filipino  feast that is fit for a king! The variety on the table is amazing and can you imagine the scenery?

 Fresh And Delicious Roadside Fruit Stands In The Philippines  

As you are exploring the islands, it is always good to have a fresh snack of succulent fruit.

 Chocolate Fondue Heaven With Fresh Fruit At The Marriott Manila Philippines  

Any good day of adventure is nicely ended by dinner and desert at The Marriott Manila Hotel. The food is excellent and the service is outstanding.

If you enjoy scuba diving, The Philippines has some of the best diving spots in the world. If you like good food, you will find it on every corner. Like all Asian countries, the fish is freshly caught and the produce comes from the last picking of the night before. Can you get any fresher?

If you have never considered The Philippines as a destination, now is the time to explore some of the many islands that make up The Philippines.

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