Picturesque Winter Wonderland In Fairbanks Alaska

Ice and Frost

                                     The Beauty Of Winter In Fairbanks, Alaska

There is a special beauty that you wake up to when you have a unique frosty wonderland. When the temperatures have dropped so far below zero, that it no longer makes any difference what caused it or how much lower it will go. Such is the case of the Rime Ice and the Hoar Frost. Both are beautiful and the trees do not talk.

The Rime Ice is best observed from inside the cabin, as it will provide a solid sheet of ice on the ground. It may look like snow from the distance, but it is a brutal ice. Alaskan’s are happiest if they are prepared for this common winter phenomenon with plenty of supplies so they do not need to venture out.

The Hoar Frost, comes more directly from the sky above as a gas and changes to solid ice. Those who have an inexperienced eye, may not be able to tell the difference. The Alaskan’s know all too well the difference from observation and experience. If it comes directly as a gas and changes to a solid, then it is a Hoar Frost. Like the Rime Ice, the Hoar Frost is beautiful and best observed from the inside of your cabin. Ice is ice, no matter which name you put on it.

If you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy the interior of Alaska during the winter, always have a backup plan for going out to eat or whatever may be on your agenda for the day. Sometimes a quiet day at the Hotel is more appropriate. If you choose to drive in the ice, it may not matter if it is a Rime Ice or a Hoar Frost, as ice is ice and not especially enjoyable if driving. So take a cue from nature and enjoy anything unusual from the inside out….it is a wonderful sight to behold.

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