Pink Flamingo Flower Of Southern California

Flamingo Flowers

Graceful Pink Flamingo Flower

Graceful Pink Flamingo Flowers cover the hills of Southern California. The Pink Flamingo flower, with its deep pink color and very dark green leaves make for a fantastic show of color! The surrounding hills around these beach towns are bright and sparkle in the sun . The pink Flamingo is highly desired by florists for their displays. There is nothing any brighter than the Pink Flamingo flower. They love the dunes and cliffs that surround the many beaches of Southern California. In a vase on the table, they make the room pop. In the yard, they add that small touch of color. They are graceful. They are bright. What an amazing sight for the eye! The graceful pink Flamingo flowers will brighten any day.

Native to tropical American rain forests, the pink Flamingo flower flourishes in the Mediterranean climate of Southern California.  These extremely exotic plants have dark green leaves. They often are shiny and heart-shaped. The flowers come in deep red, rose, pink, and white. They have a yellowish center. The flowers shine and sparkle in the sun. The flowers often last as long as 6 weeks on the stem in the wild.  In a vase on your table, they will keep your room in color for up to 4 weeks. They can also be potted and make beautiful house plants. They make any porch look like new. If you have never seen these beautiful pink Flamingo flowers growing wild, it is time for a California Flower Adventure.

There is no better time than now to plan that Wildflower Adventure in Southern California. It is fun for the whole family. Make a lunch and have a family picnic on the beautiful beaches of Southern California. Enjoy the day admiring nature’s best. When you have hiked and seen all you can see, sit at the beach and admire a California sunset. Finish the day at one of many small beach cafes. This is the perfect time for a California Adventure.


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