Pioneer Peak: Alaska’s Chugach Mountains

Pioneer Peek
Pioneer Peek

Pioneer Peak: Alaska’s Chugach Mountains

Pioneer Peak, with it’s majestic raw beauty stands 6,398 feet. It is about 14 miles south of Palmer, Alaska. Pioneer Peak is one of the mountain peaks in the Chugach Mountains in Central Alaska. Pioneer Peak is an amazing landmark in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. Such  majestic beauty ! She glistens with her covering of snow and ice. She is a beauty to gaze at.  What a beautiful sight! It is a wonder to behold!

Pioneer Ridge Trail is a popular hiking destination for experienced climbers. It is considered a two-day hike.The trail going up the east  side of Pioneer Ridge is a steep climb. It is not for beginning hikers or young kids. A seasoned hiker  takes about 6.5-7 hours to reach the top. Camping is allowed on the ridge. The top is breathtaking! You have an awesome view of the Knik Glacier and the whole Matanuska Valley. The fantastic Pioneer Peak is the highest point you can reach.  There is another trail on the north side that takes equipment and only the very seasoned climber should attempt it.

Hiking is an Alaskan Pastime and there are trails for everyone. This part of Alaska is a hiker’s paradise. If you like to hike, I recommend the book,  50 Hikes in Alaska’s Chugach State Park by  Shane Shepherd. You will find it on Amazon at:  

The book costs $14.60 and there is a Kindle version available for $9.99. The book includes most of the hikeable trails and peaks in the park, including my favorite, Flattop Mountain. Many rare valley trails are also included.

Pioneer Peak sits beside the beautiful Knik River.  This is one of the most peaceful rivers. I love to just sit and read on the banks. The Knik River is just 9 miles south of Palmer. Fishing is excellent. Certainly this is a fisherman’s heaven!
It is recommended that all hikes into the backcountry should be done with a friend.  I would recommend a day that is in the 60-70’s for most hikes. So come on up to Alaska, grab your bag and let’s hike.  (I would recommend bringing your passport, as there are many trips that cross into the Yukon Territories.) Sturdy climbing boots and a good backpack are needed. So come on up and let’s discover America’s last frontier. She is a beauty to lay your eyes on! Adventure is waiting in Alaska.


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