Pitcher Plants: Carnivorous Tropical Plant

Carnivorous Pitcher Plants
Carnivorous Pitcher Plants

 Pitcher Plants: Carnivorous And Deadly

Pitcher Plants are beautiful to behold. They come in many beautiful colors. Some Pitcher Plants hang suspended in mid-air. Larger Pitchers lie on the ground. They can vary greatly in color and patterns. There colors allow them to  camouflage into the surrounding environment.  These deadly and Carnivorous  plants grow throughout the world’s tropical regions. Perhaps because they take nitrogen from the soil, they are able to adapt to various tropical and subtropical climates.

Pitcher Plants have flowers that grow on tendrils that extend from the leaves. They are a deadly trap to those they prey upon. They do their deadly work without exerting any energy. Simply,  an animal or insect gets into one of the sweet pools found on the flower and drowns. They are then digested without any work or energy on the part of the plant itself. For the most part, they prey on small insects and spiders. There is however a larger species. that is able to prey on lizards, rodents, and birds.

In the tropical home, pitcher plants are a welcome member of the household and garden. They go far in keeping small insects under control. Set a few pitcher plants among your vegetables and you will have help in the daily battle of keeping the insects out of the garden. Put a larger Pitcher plant near the home for assistance in keeping larger insects and lizards out of the house. Place a few inside for insect control in the home. For every 100 feet of home, have a pitcher plant to assist in the battle. Pitcher plants are beautiful! They are useful! They are deadly to the insect world.

On your next trip to the Asian Flower market, look for the pitchers. They are outstanding! Those living in places like Australia, Hawaii, and Florida can also find them at the local flower market. But the largest and most efficient are the ones found in Hong Kong. So come on over to Hong Kong  and learn the secret of the Pitcher Plants. Pack your bags and grab your passport…..adventure is waiting in Hong Kong.







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