Placer River Gorge Adventure

Placer River Gorge known for #Gold dust and nuggets in Alaska

Placer River Gorge Adventure

Placer River Gorge is the narrowest of the Alaska canyons. Alaska Railroad goes through no other canyon this narrow. You can reach out and touch the tunnel as you go through. So keep your hands in the train! The gorge is extremely narrow. The natural beauty is immense.  The wild white water flows through the canyon below. Placer River Gorge is an unforgettable experience.  What natural and wild beauty! Hills with wildlife grazing. You might see a bear fishing! So keep your eye on the river below. The Glacier Discovery Train winds up the Placer River Gorge to Spencer Glacier Whistle-stop. As the train climbs its way through this narrow valley, it winds and turns going through numerous tunnels. Climb aboard the Alaska Railroad for Placer River Gorge Adventure. The train has arrived.  All aboard!

As you make your way through the Placer River Gorge, you can stand in the open area between the cars. This is a wonderful place to take beautiful pictures. Breathe the pure and healthy air. Feel the wind as she blows your hair. Indulge yourself in natural beauty! The turbulent white water below has a blueish tint as the sun comes up over the canyon.  Glaciated mountain ranges, the swift Placer river, and expansive thick forests are just a few of the scenic opportunities. The river below the beautiful golden canyon walls of the Placer Mining Area, is still panned for gold. Placer River Gorge is raw beauty rarely touched by human hands. It’s remote location keeps it rather secluded since the Gold Rush years. During those years it was an area where gold was found in abundance. Prospectors came in droves to pan for gold on her shores. The call of gold still echos through the valley!

Alaska Railroad partners with Chugach Adventures for many add-on packages to help make this a true Alaskan exploration.  Upon arriving at Spencer Glacier Whistle-stop you can choose to take a white water rafting trip back down the river. What an exciting day of adventure! Explore Spencer Glacier up close! Reach out and touch your first real glacier. Experience the beauty of the many waterfalls. This is close up adventure in the Placer River Gorge. On your way back you will discover the longest freestanding trestle bridge in the United States. Relax on pristine Placer Lake as you wander through the ice bergs. Take a break and get lost! Eat a picnic lunch on the lake. Enjoy the moose, as they graze the valley floor. Experience Alaskan excitement as  you make the 6-7 hour trip back down this amazing valley. Relax and enjoy the day, as you explore glaciers that are rarely seen. Discover Alaska’s Outback! Enjoy Placer River Gorge. Its the narrowest gorge in Alaska!

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