Rainforest Cafe Aquarium

Rainforest Café Aquarium is a feast for the eyes at Downtown Disney in Anaheim California


Rainforest Cafe Aquarium

Rainforest Cafe Aquarium is a walk on the wild side. Immerse yourself in some aspect of the Amazon Rainforest, while enjoying a delicious meal. Prepare to dine in Aneheim’s Rainforest Cafe Aquarium. You will feast in the mystical atmosphere of an ancient Incan Temple. It is mysterious! It is rare! Here, the exotic animals of the lush tropical rainforest come alive.  There will be animated animals and singing birds. The tropics spring to life when all of a sudden a rainstorm strikes! The thunder sounds like it is right on top of you. Trumpeting elephants rejoice in the showers from above. The gorillas get excited! The colored fish swim past your table. Enjoy the tropics! Prepare to relax among the banyan trees. Enjoy the beautiful waterfall. Gaze at the night sky. It is  so clear and beautiful. Welcome to the Rainforest Cafe Aquarium……home to the mighty jungle. It is fun! It is educational! It is the jungle!

Breakfast In The Amazon

Begin your day with amazing Amazonian treats or a traditional American favorite. Fortify yourself with Cranberry Belgian waffles or a tasty omelet filled with peppers, salsa, mushrooms, tomatoes, steak and cheese. Enjoy a Mexican Breakfast Pizza, or a Tribal Chicken Fried Steak. Whatever you choose, it will be served in an ancient Amazonian Temple in the midst of the jungle.What a delightful way to  start the day! It is exciting! It is fun! The journey begins, at the Rainforest Cafe Aquarium.

Dinner On The Wild Side

Come to the aid of the Wildlife Conservation Project and enjoy a Natural Burger. This fantastic Veggie Burger is made of spiced garbanzo beans. The perfect setting and menu selection for Vegetarians! Totally delicious! Completely natural! Absolutely meatless!

For the meat lovers, there is the extraordinary  fork-tender Paradise Pot Roast. It is amazing! It is so tender, it melts in your mouth. It is delicious! It is rich and savory. What a delightful experience! Enjoy dinner at the Rainforest Cafe Aquarium.

There are many fantastic deserts to choose from. A favorite seems to be The Tribal Cheesecake. It is distinctive! It is delicious! What a delightful way to end your culinary journey. It is a first class desert surrounded by all that the jungle has to offer. There are volcanoes and thunderstorms. The wild animals spring to life! The birds sing. The jungle is alive with excitement.

Those over 21 can relax with a special cocktail from The Magic Mushroom Bar. Enjoy! Relax! Immerse yourself in the Amazon Jungle! End your day at the Rainforest Cafe Aquarium.



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