Religion in Hong Kong

Christianity in Hong Kong
Christians make up about 6.8% of the people of Hong Kong.

Religion in Hong Kong

Religion in Hong Kong is a diversity of belief systems and practices. Most of the Chinese in Hong Kong practice Chinese Folk religion. This can be anything from Confucianism to Taoism. There is also some Chinese Buddhism among the people.  According to 2010 statistics, around 50% are a part of some religion. Buddhists make up 1.5 million people and Taoists make up 1 million of the people. Protestant churches are the next largest group at 480,000 and there are 353,000 Catholics. Muslims make up 220,000 and Hindus 40,000. The Sikhs and others make up 10,000. Christianity  was the fastest growing segment of the population when Hong Kong was controlled by the British. That may be swinging toward the Buddhist faith as China has regained the island from Britain.  However it is still a rapidly growing segment of the population.

In the last few years religion and politics has been merging as one for the nations Catholics. They have been part of the the protest movements and are taking a leading role in the  demonstrations. Priest have been encouraging the flock to participate in the political uprisings and demonstrations. They join the protest against Beijing’s refusal to grant the city unfettered democracy. Most of the 1,000  demonstrators were Catholic. This latest demonstration was mainly Secondary and University students.

The nations Christian Protestants have chosen to keep politics out of the pulpit. They are sticking to being a light in what they consider a darkness. They do not see their mission as a political one, but rather one to reach out to whom they feel are lost. The Nation’s almost 1/2 million Christians are made up of several  denominations in Hong Kong. Most of these churches are backed by praying believers elsewhere in the world. For a Christian, prayer is the most important gift that anyone can give them.

This would be a great year to visit Hong Kong. Be sure to visit the nations churches. They seek to be an example of Godliness, as they continue to avoid politics in the pulpit.






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