Rhino Beach…Legoland, California

Rhino Beach

Rhino Beach

Rhino Beach, Legoland, where parents can relax in the shade. The perfect place to stay cool while children explore the Water Park. Relax on a sandy shore with plenty of shady spots to beat the heat. Grab an ice cold drink and throw your towel on the beach recliner. Settle back and soothe those tired muscles. It is time for a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Rhino Beach is a sandy beach in the midst of the screams of happy children. The shade is plentiful, and the peace abundant. Grab your things and head for the beach.

Children can play in the fine sand at Rhino Beach. Parents can lean back and get much-needed rest and relaxation. It is easy to watch the children play from your own private oasis. There are lots of Legos to build with. Imaginations are at their peak, as the children build sand castles and other forms. There are lots of Legos, so build to your heart’s content. Design fascinating vehicles and animals. Whatever you desire to make, you can do it at Legoland. Legoland Rhino Beach is the heart of the Water Park, and a families dream come true.

Legends of Chima Water Park is a dream in the making for the little ones.  They can enjoy their day splashing and swimming in the depths of Cragger’s Swamp. Older children make lego sailing boats in Build-A-Boat! What creative energy they have. They love racing Lego carriages. Who has the fastest carriage of all? Whose boat will sail the longest and go the fastest? With all this energy around, you can still find a deep peace in the cool of the shade.  Relax knowing that this beautiful Water Park has gentle waves. Welcome to the creative world of Chima. It is a magical life! It is breathtaking! It is the perfect place to calm your nerves! Relax from the rat race. It is a place that families can make memories. This is the world of Chima, there is nothing else like it!

What about the wee little toddlers ? What is there for them? These little ones can sit with their parents and learn to make things in the sand. With Dad’s and Mom’s help, they will soon be the best of architects!  With the safety of their life jackets, they too can play with their parents in the swamp. What fun to swim into a luring gator or a pirate on the sea. There  is almost no one too young to enjoy this creative Water Park. So play in the shade of the trees, swim in the cool water, or build to your heart’s content! The Legends of Chima Water Park and the famous Rhino Beach, are waiting to share the magic .



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