Roadside Fruit Stands: Philippines

Fresh and delicious roadside fruit stands in the Philippines
Fresh and delicious roadside fruit stands in the Philippines

Roadside Fruit Stands: Philippines

Roadside Fruit Stands are extraordinary. They are an amazing roadside find!!! Roadside Fruit Stands have every kind of fruit you can imagine. Then there are stands that specialize in vegetables. These are really great and every thing is fresh. But an all time favorite are stands that sell  the delicacies of the Philippines. These delicacies are mouthwatering good!  These roadside fruit stands  are similar to a farmers market, each farmer brings out what he picked today. Like all markets, the fruits and vegetables are fresh picked. Nothing has been shipped across the country! It is not imported! It has not been in cold storage! It is fresh!

Grilled Banana Bread is an outstanding vegetarian recipe to try. You will find this at most of the roadside fruit stands. Make up your favorite Banana Bread recipe. Let it cool and then cut and fry. When done, spoon the Haupia Sauce over the bread. I do want to mentian that there is not much healthy about this recipe. Use the best Banana Bread recipe you can with honey and maybe applesauce for part of the oil. But no matter what you do, it is still desert. There is not much nutrition to be had here.

Ingredients For Haupia Sauce


In a saucepan, combine brown sugar, cornstarch and salt. Add vanilla and coconut milk and simmer until thickened. Cook or medium heat until it thickens. Serve warm over pancakes, banana bread, or crepes.

Another delight of the Roadside fruit stands are all the fresh fruit. The roadside fruit stands  have bananas of every kind. There were big Sabas to tiny sinoritas.  Mangoes, both tart unripe green ones and sweet ripe orange ones filled the tables. And don’t forget the mangosteens, papayas, jackfruit, and watermelon.  For me, nothing is any better than the dragon fruit. Dragon fruit varies in color from white to orange to red. Roadside fruit stands are not complete without dragon fruit. The red is the most unique and seems to be the most popular. Another favorite was the plums. Every roadside fruit stands have several varieties. They have some of the best pineapples I have ever eaten. They do have the large variety, but they also have a pineapple that is smaller and very sweet.

Upon arriving in the Philippines, you will find roadside fruit stands in every village and on every island. They are unique! They are fun. Make sure you get out and wander through the markets as you see them. They are fun for the whole family.


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