Sand Art Magic From Petra

Sand Art

Sand Art Magic From Petra

Sand art, from the magical deserts of Jordan. What once began in Petra is now renown the world over. The beautiful colored sand of Petra, Wadi Rum, and other Jordanian deserts and mountains has become an interesting natural phenomena. This natural colored sand in the hand of a master artist, delivers an art like no other. These master artists of Petra and the surrounding areas, use only the natural colored sandstone and sand that is so famous. There are no added colors to fade away! The natural sandstone of the area comes in many shades of browns, creams, white, reds, and oranges. What amazing skill as the artist uses tiny funnels and tweezers to move the sand in uniquely shaped bottles.

It goes without saying, that no one can take rocks and pieces from the Petra site. What can be done is to go to the surrounding mountains and valleys near to Petra and there collect the natural stones and sand.  In the authentic art of Jordan, you will never see a blue sky, as only the real natural colors are used in this art. When you use sand that has been colored, it can fade in time when exposed to the light. With the real sand and stones, there are no colors to fade from the light, as nature provides the colored sandstone and sand. What an amazing art, in the hands of Bedouin and local Jordanian artists.

The glass bottles themselves are unique to the Petra area. The artists use shapes that will remind you of your desert experience. All of the master artists of Petra use bottles that they have made to showcase their art. What amazing talent! The sand must be ground down so it is fine and then they begin to paint in the bottle. When finished, they must use a small needle to cause the sand to settle, so that it is firm and unmovable. Only then can it safely be sold to a tourist who desires to take it home.

There are around 17 natural colors of the sands of Petra. There are many unique bottles to remind you of your visit. You will find many small artists selling their bottles, as well as larger stores. Enjoy the local art and talent as you look for ways to treasure your memories for years to come.


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