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Sandpoint_IdahoNestled in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, and just south of the Canadian border is a small sleepy town of Sandpoint Idaho. There is little industry of any kind, and functions as a gateway for people who want to enjoy nature, and to ski some of the best slopes in the USA. The area is home to wild moose, elk and other exotic animals only seen in North America.1653337_10201408569962796_267810180_n

Our time there was during this winter January 2014 with temperatures now ranging in the -20 Fahrenheit and warming from time to time.

panhandler-piesFood is more simple with steak, potatoes, and eggs being the standard. One of our favorite restaurants there is “Panhandle Pies” with great food and wonderful pies.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn just outside of Sandpoint, ID, and were able to secure a family room capable of sleeping five people comfortably. The hotel staff was nice, and very helpful. The hotel serves a decent continental breakfast that is included in the rate of around $100 USD (family room) . VFMLID=32847653There is a restaurant next door, and the food is good, although we found the prices to be somewhat high.

There is shopping close by at Walmart, Big R, and other local shops for any needs you might have. If you need to stock up before returning overseas then we recommend Spokane Valley Mall about twenty minutes from the Airport you will fly in at.

It was a great trip meeting up with family and friends, and highly recommended as  international travel to one of the most beautiful areas in the pacific north west.

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  1. Would love to travel there and experience it.

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